Monday, September 27, 2021

Looking at things differently...


We’ve been here for almost a month.  And we have been very slow to hang - or rehang - what we had in LaGrange.  We’re moving slow.  And I think about each piece I have and whether or where I want it hung.  What I know for sure I need some kind of design wall - for now I have hung a piece of batting (see below).  But I knew for sure I wanted to rehang these three pieces.  Brenda aka @2louises made the Red Cross wall hanging in a Chicago and Ann Arbor guild swap.  I love it for its colors, simplicity, and the sentiment.  This corner, a tribute to Double Plus Good, a quilt @rossiecrafts did years ago, is a reminder to do good.

With that in mind, getting back to purse making is important.  But I don’t have the floor space I had before, and I’m a visual sewer.  This tacked piece of batting holds the parts for 4 purses with the flaps coming from pieces that were experiments in techniques.  

I also came across quilted jackets I enjoyed making and wearing.  But I haven’t worn them in years.  I thought about turning them into purses.  Instead, I made some oversized zip pouches.  Below are the purses I've been working on...
This purse has a denim component paired with red and gold glittery fabric.  Because why not?

Because the flaps are scrappy, I found some neat reds for the underflaps.

This flap was leftovers from something.?

Here you can see the kimono experiment.  The red and black were experiments in a feather technique and the stripes are leftover from a grandson's quilt.

I tried something different and put a back pocket on the denim-body purse , using a pretty special glittery fabric.

Slowly a normal life rhythm is resuming.  And we are very happy.  Now, if the La Grange house would just sell…

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