Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Design Wall Success


Having a design wall is pretty important to me.  But since we still have both homes, I tried to figure out the most cost-effective and efficient way to create one.  And I’m proud to report that I’ve had success.  Home Depot carries 3/4” foam insulation boards that are 24” x 24”.  Score both sides with a rotary cutter and snap over a knee:  voila! Cover one side with batting - here it’s Warm and Natural.  A regular stapler works just fine for this.  My handy dandy roll of double-sided tape is perfect for adhering these to the wall.

                    I even used a level at this point with the first boards.  

Single layers of fabric will adhere with no pins.  But if there’s any weight or heft, pins go in very easily and support the weight.  This design wall isn’t the largest.  And I may add a 12” row on the bottom.  But this will serve my purposes nicely.  When making multiple purses, it’s good to be able to see what I’m working on and what steps have been completed.  Above there are two purses including lining and straps.  

I’m pretty pleased with this effort!  It is 60” wide and 72” tall. 

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