Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Geezer Trip to Springfield

Monday, June 30, my parents and the Sheehan grandsons drove to Springfield with John and me. On the way down and back we listened to Garrison Keilor's Joke CD's, which truly does entertain ages 9 (Brandon) to 83 (my dad). This trip was Ryan's request - we did this 2 years ago, and this time Brandon came with us. Visiting the Springfield Cemetery was Monday afternoon's highlight. For the 2nd time we found the memorial brick that my siblings and I got for Dad. After visiting the WWII Memorial, the VietNam Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, and Lincoln's Tomb, we also found the Accordion gravestone belonging to Roy Bertelli. The highlight of Tuesday was the visit to the Lincoln Museum, a place that enchanted all 6 of us for almost 2 hours. Click on the posted pictures to see some of the detail.

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Doug said...

I never heard the details of the trip. This is a great post!