Sunday, July 6, 2008

Trips Around the World

The first quilt pattern I ever did was Eleanor Burns's Trip Around the World. I love that design and made over 40 of them in my early years of quilting. Neighbor Cristina wants to teach her friend Catya to quilt, and I suggested that they both do a "Trip Around the World." Although Cris has made several quilts, she's never done this pattern. Cris and Catya chose their 6 fabrics, ranging from light to dark. This design is a variation of the Amish Sunshine and Shadow pattern.

Look at the web site Gallery for an album of quilts featuring this design. The fabric choices of Cristina and Catya inspired me, and I am going to do a "Trip" along with them. So is Chris H. Here are our fabrics. First, Cristina's, then Catya's, then mine, and then Chris H's.

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