Monday, October 5, 2009

A Simple Baby Quilt

 One of the things I love about my quilt blog is that it's been a diary/record of what I have done. I know I should have been more diligent about keeping track of my work. Yesterday I was transferring a huge file of photos from my old laptop to a flash drive (lesson learned after losing all of my pictures from Turkey) and came across this quilt that I should have blogged about in March 2007. Cathy and I have been friends for over 50 years. Her daughters have married, and both have had 2 children. This quilt is for Cathy's only grandson Bradley. At the time I had just moved into my new quilting studio and was agog with projects and my college roommate's death. This quilt for Bradley is a simple one - horizontal stripes of varying widths of fabric - and simply quilted. This quilt may be simple, but the visual payoff is a big one. 44" x 60"

Speaking of big payoffs, today is my husband John's 70th birthday. Huge in so many ways! His hands are barely visible at the top of Bradley's quilt.
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Josie Ray said...

One of the things *I* love about your quilt blog :-) how stories of human lives are woven in with each creation. It's rather like How To Make An American Quilt, only much better because it's real (and the people aren't as strange and grumpy as in the movie).

Very nice baby quilt: clearly masculine...simple, yet interesting. The star fabric reminds me of some bedsheets I had and loved when a child. Stars fascinate children.

Happy 70th birthday to John--and congratulations on 70 years. He looks very nice judging from his hands. :-) (Actually judging from the fact that he's holding up a quilt for you to photograph!)

Josie Ray
Appalachian dream