Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Favorite of Mine

The last few years I was at Kennedy High School I had my own small office, which had a big blank wall. This quilt was made in the fall of 2002 and gave me great joy. I love the green/black background of each Monkey Wrench block as well as the batiks. The crisp black and burgundy provide the perfect frame for these blocks. And setting these sashed blocks on point gives the quilt a great sense of drama.

In June 2005 this quilt was given to Deb Ryder, the dynamic head of Kennedy's art department, in appreciation for all the fine work she does and how invaluable she was to the work that I did. 76" x 96"

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Josie Ray said...

If you'll forgive the analogy, your strong brights showing through a dark background remind me of an art project we did in elementary school. Perhaps you did it, too? It was the one where we covered a paper with wall-to-wall patches crayon colors, the brighter the better, then layered over...I guess it was black tempura paint. We let it dry, then scratched off the paint in whatever design we liked and the bright, varied crayon colors showed through. It seemed magical, and so does this quilt.