Sunday, October 18, 2009

Amazing Technicolor Dream Tote

Jinny Beyer is a quilter who understands color and value and has an exquisite eye for design. Her website is great for eye candy and inspiration. I bought one of her quilt kits, Around the World- it's the quilt on the opening page of this blog. Recently I saw her kit for a tote bag. I love the design and love the colors but the price? Not so much. I downloaded the pattern from her website (she really is very generous with her free patterns) and began to put a palette together. And then? Some obsessive paper-piecing and sewing. The result? You be the judge. I think this is fabulous. Time-consuming but fabulous.

Question: What's the perfect sewing music for this pattern?

Answer: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!

Truly, when this bag is carried, it is a walking work of art.


wsrhodes said...

This is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josie Ray said...

The tote is beautifully artistic and definitely has that Jinny Beyer trademark look. I enlarged the pic to better see your fabric arrangement. With the gradual fading of one color into another, one could sit and ponder the tote for an hour. When you carry it out, I think artistic types will sit and stare at it, mesmerized.

How funny! your musical selection. I've been calling my patchwork quilt my "coat of many colors."

Thank you very much for visiting my Christmas/Winter blog. I responded at that site, but wanted to thank you here, too, to ensure that you see it.