Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mariner's Compass - a work in process

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the beauty of a project I'm working on. And this paper-pieced Mariner's Compass is one such project. I'd love to take credit for the fabric combination, but the credit goes to Jinny Beyer and her terrific color sense. I'm still making some decisions about border fabrics and proportions. But the hard work is done. Click on the picture to see the beautiful details. 24" x 24"


Josie Ray said...

When I saw the mini-photo in my blogroll, for a moment, my mind registered "fireworks."

wsrhodes said...

This is fabulous!!! The points are perfect, and the center fabric gives it a kaleidoscopic effect! Bravo!!!

Josie Ray said...

Okay, I had time, this visit, to enlarge the photo. Very Beyer-ish! If that woman wasn't a quilter, she would be an engineer.

Very crisp lines and details. I wouldn't attempt that even in my dreams. :-)