Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mariner's Compass for Janet

There's a great satisfaction in the completion of a project. I'm especially pleased with this wall hanging for a couple of reasons.

First, the Mariner's Compass design is one I have admired for years and never thought I could tackle. I finally did attempt my first paper-pieced compass a few years ago, and it was very hard. It's part of the quilt that hangs in my studio and is on the opening page of my blog. Now that I understand paper-piecing better and have done paper-pieced projects a few more times, this compass - by no means easy - was definitely easier to do.

Second, I love this color combination of teal, lime, and navy. These Jinny Beyer RJR fabrics are beautiful. There's a luminescence as well as movement. One of the border fabrics has a subtle design incorporating these colors. The center medallion is made from eight fussy-cut pieces from this border fabric. The fabric I love the most is used the least. It's the purple fabric with a peacock design on it and appears in each of the four corners. Click on the picture to see the details of these fabrics.

Third, as I was working on this piece, I knew where it was going to live. Janet, my body work specialist whom I've been seeing for ten years, turned 60 shortly after I did. She celebrated my birthday with a three-month clinical study of my issues. I celebrated hers with a dinner at Saffron, my favorite Indian restaurant and with this wall hanging.

A compass gives direction and guidance, very symbolic of the work that Janet does with many people. I've made a quilt for Janet's therapy room and written about the importance of her work before. She is a necessity in my life.


wsrhodes said...

I'll say WOW again! Beautiful. Can not even tell the center medallion is pieced!

Josie Ray said...

So striking and intricate! I wouldn't have noticed the "fussily pieced" center if you hadn't mentioned it. That fabric looks William-Morris-inspired. And the entire quilt looks like a burst of light.

Since I first started following your site, I've been planning to drop by the Jinny Beyer studio not too far from here, near her home in Great Falls, Virginia, to see if they'll let me take photos and write a post for you! But whenever we've been near it, we've been in a hurry to get someplace. I must make it happen soon...if they'll let me...