Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bag/Purse for a Computer Notebook

My physical therapy is coming to an end - I have 6 more weekly sessions left with Chandra at Paulson Rehab, LaGrange Hospital. I'm thrilled with my progress, but I will definitely miss Chandra.

Chandra has a daughter who went to Hinsdale HS and the Illinois Math and Science Academy before attending college. Lavina did both her undergrad and graduate work at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh. Lavina is now involved with the Chicago theatre scene and keeps very busy. Recently she directed a production of Steel Magnolias. She's always on the go, toting about her notebook, and her birthday is the end of this month. Chandra said she was looking for a notebook carrier for Lavina. So I offered to make Chandra's daughter a Notebook/Bag/Purse. Lavina chose the outer fabric, and then I did what I wanted to with the inside of the bag. I love this bag - so does Chandra. We hope that Lavina likes it too. If she doesn't, then Chandra's got a brand new bag!

The handles of this bag are a great length for carrying it on the shoulder. There's a deep side pocket for a cell phone or keys. The inside has one big deep area with a zippered pocket and a smaller padded area for the notebook.

Over the past few months Chandra has given me gifts of food - pakora and chutney, various spinach and chicken dishes, and sambal oelek, a fabulous Thai chili paste. I made her an Amazing Technicolor Dream Tote in February. My therapy with Chandra may be ending, but we both know we have become friends for life.


Anonymous said...

Genial post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you for your information.

Josie Ray said...

What exotic fabric, and I love the surprise of red inside. Your comfort in whipping out various bag styles is enviable. I have one little snowman purse I hope to make before won't be fancy!