Sunday, August 22, 2010

Out of America

 Young Thomas Dieball, recent recipient of his MS in engineering at the U of I and former winner on Funniest Home Videos, has a job. And he's being posted to Australia for the next three years. He's thrilled with this opportunity, and I admire him for taking on what to me would be a daunting experience. His parents, former Farragut and Englewood teacher Ed and his wife Marge, are encouraging Tom in this career move but are also asking him to go through and pack away the stuff he isn't taking with him. As Tom got to his fraternity shirts, he confessed to his mother that he treasures these shirts - they are a record of his years at the University of Illinois. She wisely reminded him that t-shirts quilts are what I do.

So Tom picked out his favorites. And now they are in a bed or sofa throw that he can take with him. There's also a pocket on the top back so that he can hang it. 60" by 86"
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Arathi said...

Wow! Amazing creation Donna! It's a nice way to save our memories and also not clutter our wardrobe with old shirts! :)

Doug said...

one his future wife will not want to sleep under...
Still fun.

Donna said...

I purposely blurred the photo a bit - some of the t-shirts were a bit questionable!