Friday, August 27, 2010

The Studio As A Guestroom

My brother Al and his wife Pam came in from Columbus, IN, to welcome my dad home from His Honor Flight to Washington, DC. After spending two nights with my parents, they spent one night with John and me.
How many English teachers does it take to inflate an Aerobed? Two! It was rough because the directions were kind of mechanical. But we toughed it out and go the air frame and the air mattress inflated. They said they were comfortable last night. Now that they are on the road again, we may have to try to bed tonight before tackling the deflation process.

A final side note: I am always struggling with where to put the little things away without getting things all jumbled up. This over-the-door shoerack and the labels is a great solution.


Anonymous said...

Your studio is great. Love the shelving system for your fabric.

Betsy said...

This room is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Goodness, that is beautiful. TWO of those beautiful quilts in one room! And airbeds are great, aren't they? I always throw them in the back of the truck when we go on vacation in case the hotel beds are hard.