Thursday, April 14, 2011

All Projects Great and Small

While I'm working on the sports jersey graduation quilts, I need to switch over to something small and simple every once in a while. This is a Jinny Beyer Tote Bag (see picture below) along with some of her fabrics. All other bits - pockets, lining, straps -  are cut out and ready for assembly.But this is the weekend my parents move from Chicago to  my brother Doug's house in Lombard.  Brother Al and his wife Pam will be sleeping in the studio - er, guestroom. Good thing my wonderful
Chicago Modern Quilt Guild is having a sew-in this Sunday afternoon.  I'll be more than ready to continue working on this bag there!

This tote will be about 20" wide and 15" deep. The construction is foundation pieced. The pattern suggests using a double thickness of batting. Instead I have used Soft and Stable by and think it will be perfect.


Carol G said...

Love the colors and the border prints.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Love the angular feel to the quilt.

Ebony Love said...

Wow! Wish that were my tote bag! :)

Zanymouse said...

This is going to be cute. I love those Jinny Beyer fabrics. I still can't wrap my head around that she hand-pieces everything.