Friday, April 1, 2011

A First Time for Everything

This is the first time I have ever labeled a quilt. This baby quilt is the one that's on its way to Japan via the Mission of Love quilt effort, thanks to the tipoff from Instructions were to label the quilt with words of hope. Fellow quilt guild member Ebony gave me the idea of just using a fabric pen and scrap of fabric. I may have to start to label my quilts!


Carol G said...

I love the saying on your label. I did my first labels last year for my entries into QuiltFest (required). I struggled and wasted fabric trying to print them on the computer. I finally resorted to a Pigma pen. Am doing the same thing this year.

Donna said...

A Pigma pen? A Pigma pen! Brilliant. Do you have any pictures of your labels?