Friday, April 8, 2011

This isn't how I roll...

Some think everything I touch turns into a quilted gem.  That is so not true.  And here's a great example.  Why this baby bib?  Why not?  CMQG friend Jen has made some and suggested there were free bib patterns available.  Blog reader Zina showed me a picture of a bib she made from leftover fabrics of a baby quilt.  So, leftover baby quilt bits + bib pattern =

This isn't horrible - well, maybe it is.  But I wasn't at all happy doing this.  At least I gave it a go.

I learned at the CMQG retreat that I work large and I work dark.  No wonder I'm not happy with this bib.  At least I know why.

I'm finishing up a baby quilt with free motion quilting - it's been excellent practice - and am about to start pin basting sports quilt #1.


Carol G said...

I'm with you on large. I made a resolution to work smaller this year and 45" square is my record so far! I like the color combo on your little bib. And who needs perfection on an item meant for baby dribble and spit-up :-) Making it through a daily washing is the priority.

Zanymouse said...

I like how it came out! It's been a while since I had a baby in the house, and I wasn't sure if the neck opening on that pattern was large enough, so I added tie strings to the top. And I agree with Carol, it's going to go through a few color changes anyway once it has mashed carrots and squash added to it. Don't most bibs end up brown after a while?