Thursday, January 12, 2012

Air Mail

The UPS truck came yesterday afternoon.  And DH gets the package, stands at the bottom of the studio stairs, yells "Air Mail", and throws the package up the stairs.  This is a package of fabricliciousness.  The black and white vertical print is going to be a bag with the small print being part of the trim.  The lining is going to be the fabric with the lime green in it.  These were all on sale.  I did however pay full price for some chestnut and purple batik - they are must-haves.  The white-on-white print was just too good to pass up.  And the much awaited-black batik is there!  I'm going to cut that into 8.5" strips, which will then be cut into 1.5" strips.  I need 160 of them.  Hope the two yards in enough.  (could I actually do the math?  apparently not...)

We might get our first snow of the season today.  I hope it's enough to make me have to stay home! 

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