Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Goals for 2012

This scrappy batik quilt top is finished.  The back has been pieced out - more batiks of course.  And both the top and the bottom are at T and F Quilting Studio in Lemont.  When it's quilted and bound, then I can show my first finished quilt of 2012. Founding Chicago Modern Quilt Guild president Mary P recently blogged about her goals for 2012 after evaluating her 2011 goals.  Of course that makes sense:  I'm an educator.  Goals must be SMART - specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

So my 2012 goals:

1. Develop my free-motion quilting skills by finishing the India whole cloth and Night and Day, a Jinny Beyer pattern. Both quilts are basted and partially quilted.

2. Find a hand-project, something that is always ready to be grabbed as I leave the house.

3. Make a quilt with a design that explores negative space

4. Update my For-Sale blog.

5. Create a Digital Portfolio and make friends with Flickr.

6. Make a quilt with big polka-dots (dryer-sheet applique) on a light background (which is part of a broader goal to lighten up a bit - I work so dark...)

7. Create one art piece based on a famous piece of art.

8. Do at least one multi-media art quilt.

This is hard - setting goals.  I hope these goals provide a great jumping off point for a year of doing new things and approaching projects in out-of-the-box ways. 


Miss Sews-it-all said...

Oh my gosh Donna, you have some great goals! I would love to do way more creative quilty stuff this year than I know I have time for, so my list is very conservative.

Donna said...

Erika, I love that our guild has created a place of comfort where experienced quilters can work along side newer quilters - and where we can both learn from one another!

Josie Ray said...

Donna, no matter how the more intricate designs inspire awe, the scrappy pieces are the ones that capture my heart: I love your scrappy batik.

Great goals for 2012. The one about "lightening up" overlaps with my unwritten goals this year. There has been a lot of sitting in the sunny window, and rethinking all my "dark and heavy" reading habits. Time For Light has been a motto this month. It will be interesting to see how Time For Light plays out in your quilting.

Sincere thanks, friend, for coming by to see me at App. Dream. My year offline is over--today, exactly--and, though that year had to happen, I am utterly delighted to see old friends online.

Zanymouse said...

I love your idea of creating an art piece, based on a piece of art. There are so many great choices out there! Are you on Flickr yet? It's a great place to exhibit your work and see everyone else's work, without having to read about how many loads of laundry they did today, as on Facebook. Check it out! I've added a few more pictures to mine, and in a few short months I already have 3 pages of photos.

Good luck with all your goals!