Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The whole issue of sashing involves the overlook of the quilt. For something soft and melty, no sashing. But I love the drama that sashing gives this quilt. Also, I think the sashing makes the weaving effect very obvious, and that's an effect I like. I've taken the advice of my Left-Handed Blogging friend and split of the pairs of batiks. I also listened to my sister-in-law who suggested grouping my blocks according to Roy G. Biv. One reason I love batiks is that it's hard to nail down their specific color, and that's the one thing that makes this kind of sorting difficult. Luckily the black batik I want to use for the sashing is still en route, so I have some time to work on the layout and play with the colors!
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Carol G said...

It's going to be beautiful!

Z Any Mouse said...

I'm glad you went with the sashing layout. It was my favorite, and really makes those pretty batiks pop : )

sparklesax said...

Hurray for the black sash! I didn't get a chance to comment when you were trying to decide, but I knew you'd make the *correct* choice! ;-)
-Sarah E

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

VERY nice!! VERY dramatic!! Glad I could help. ;))