Sunday, July 29, 2012

Asleep at the Wheel with my Round Robin

(I cannot believe that I never blogged about this piece that was finished last December.  I fear it got lost in the Christmas rush...) In August 2011 my Chicago Modern Quilt Guild began a Round Robin, based on an center block of applique, something we learned at the July 2011 meeting.

My 8" square applique block involved this small series of circles on an oldd gold background.

Round Two was rectangles, and Rachel added her lovely neutrals.

Round Three was diamonds.  Sarah S searched through her stash and found these lovely fabrics that read "oriental" and added the diamonds.

Round Four was curves, something that ofen strikes terror.  Holly added these gentle curves in more neutrals, really keeping the eye the the center block.Round Five, the final round, was triangles, and Sue R, whose brainchild this Round Robin was, did triangles, using her signature black and white fabrics while keeping the integrity of this piece.

Then it was back to me to quilt it.  Sarah S passed along some of her fabrics, and I used some of them to create a bottom horizontal border.  The quilting just emphasizes the lines of the various rounds.  It is 21" x 24".

I love this piece.  And I love the thought that each quilter put into her round.  The design is something I would have never chosen, but I do love it and am proud to have such a lovely collaborative work in my studio.  Sue also created a little booklet to go with each quilt so that each contributor could write what she was thinking as she worked on her round.

The first Modern Quilt Guild conference is in Austin, TX, in February 2013.  I am submitting this piece for the category of collaborate quilts.  I wonder how it will be received...


Carol G said...

It's a great quilt and I love the book that goes with it. It should be well-received in Austin.

Sue R. said...

I love the way your piece turned out. I like the strip you added on the bottom..added interest! I hope the guild will do another Round Robin in the future. I too enjoy having a piece made by "guild sisters"! Wouldn't it be awesome to see it on display in Austin???

Sue R. said...
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