Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Results from Natalie

Look what the amazing Natalie accomplished in less than five hours.  Uh oh, I may have broken some child labor laws.  Nat is such a great worker and easy to hang with.  We listened to music, chatted, and I am just thrilled with how my fabric cabinets look!  If you are thinking the top right shelf doesn't look as nice as the others, that's because it the one I did.

When Natalie finished with fabrics, we decided to try a couple of Mors Bags.  I had some all cut out, complete with handles.  Within 90 minutes Natalie made two bags, sewing through the handle fabric nicely and French-seaming both bags.  When she heard that the September Chicago Modern Quilt Guild meeting is devoted to making bags for the Chicago Food Depository, Nat asked if she could donate one of the bags she made.  What a girl - I love this child!

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