Saturday, July 7, 2012

A New Adventure in the Studio

Last February my Chicago Modern Quilt Guild devoted its meeting to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative.  I was amazed at the quiltlets that my guildsters created.  Eileen's moved me so that I had to buy hers.  My mom's and my family's struggle with her Alzheimer's is a path that must be walked one day at a time.  No medications have been useful, and she needs constant supervision.  I don't know whether it's medical research or social assistance that is needed more, but I responded on a pretty deep emotional level to this grass-roots fund-raising organization AAQI. 
So I have jumped into volunteering for the AAQI organization.  My small role among a small sturdy army of volunteers involves scanning each group-made quiltlet and emailing a quality photo that can be used for the AAQI website.

Sounds easy.  But of course there were hardware issues.  My laptop and the wide-format scanner needed several hours of warming up to one another.  Now, they are friends.  And the software is PaintShopPro - not impossible to use but certainly almost beyond my capabilities.  My shoulder-companion in this venture is my quiltster Eileen - working with her is a joy.  So far we have spent 8 difficult hours working on this new software, and we have finally cracked it.  We will need to spend two days a week in hot pursuit of the boxes of donated quiltlets that are lining the studio stairs.

Over 11,000 quiltlets have been donated to AAQI, and the amount of money raised has come from the emotional depths of so many women, all of whom have been impacted by Alzheimer's. I'm feeling good about this past week. 


Unknown said...

Donna, welcome to the AAQI and to Ami's Army of Volunteers! We are so happy to have you and I know that Diane is much relieved to have some help. Those boxes lining the stairs are just the beginning - I've been sending many more your way!!

debbi d-w said...

What a wonderful, meaningful way for you to process the path you are on, Donna. I know you and Eileen will have great times ahead!