Saturday, September 1, 2012

Planning for September

We're leaving town for the last two weeks of September, and there are many things to make sure are in place. I'm missing the September meeting of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild, and I'm sad because we're doing bags for the Chicago Food Depository - read about it here. Organizers Erika and Holly are suggesting there will be a competition to see who can make the most bags. So for the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild's Fall Retreat 2012 I am taking 11 Mors bags kits. These fabrics all come from a pile in my stash: the too-ugly-too-old-to-live pile. Seriously, one of these fabrics I know for sure is from the 1980's. What a great way to use up these odd bits. So, CMQG peeps, the challenge is on!

In preparation for the retreat I decided I needed a more efficient ditty bag for all my various sewing bits. This pattern wasn't easy, and now I will have to make another one, just to make sure I know the steps and to also do a neater job. Check out the cool suction handle on my ruler. CMQG VP Jen gave that to me when I commented on how much I love hers. What a great gift! Love it!
My other task at the retreat, besides Mors bags, will be a new quilt for grandon Brandon. Today he saw these colors and gave me the thumbs up. I have the rest of the week to plot the pattern and do the cutting. Then, at the retreat, I'll be able to make some terrific piecing progress! Lots of things to look forward to - the CMQG retreat, our trip to Norway, Scotland, Iceland, and Ireland this month, the CMQG's first exhibition of our Modern Art Challenges, and lots of quilts to be scanned. Goodby, Hot Summer 2012. Welcome, Fall 2012!

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