Sunday, August 26, 2012

The other thing I do

Some of you I know think that because I'm retired that I sew nonstop. In my fantasy life, that's what I do. But in my real life I juggle several things along with my sewing - my parents' financial and medical affairs, my Chicago Modern Quilt Guild involvement, attention to physical matters, a lackluster attempt at cooking and laundry (John really does it all). Last February when my guild became involved with the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative, the door opened for a volunteering opportunity. Fellow guild member Eileen (yes, she who made my Modern Art Quilt Challenge and she whose AAQI art quilt I bought) are scanning the Priority Quilts that are donated to AAQI. Those scans are then uploaded to the AAQI website, and we ship the scanned quilts to Ami Simms in Flint, MI, where she and her volunteer staff there auction and sell them.
I'm proud to be a part of this grass-roots initiative that has raised over $700,000. Like so many others who see the toll Alzheimer's takes on an individual and the family, I know there must be research. To think that these little quilts - no bigger than 9" x 12" - have collectively raised so much money is truly remarkable. Even though I've only been involved with this project for two months, I think it's growing in geometric proportions. It's a privilege to touch the quilts of so many who have all been impacted by Alzheimer's. And I know from personal experience that making quilts like these is an emotional expression that provides some catharsis.

Here's tomorrow's work lined up on the studio stairs. Quilts from Washington and from New Hampshire. From Texas to Minnesota. I may not be sewing as much, but in some ways that's ok.  To be selective about what quilting projects I work on is a good thing. 

Next up? A quilt for Brandon - he just got a new big bed.  And on the subject of grandchildren, John and I went to Brookfield Zoo today because granddaughter Natalie (yes, the one who helped me reoganize my fabrics in July) was a part of the Dolphin Show!


Carol G said...

A very worthy cause for some of your time and energy! Bless you.

Doug said...

You've told me several times and I still didn't grasp how big the quilt project

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Donna, great work with the AAQI! Your granddaughter was part of the dolphin show? How cool is that!