Saturday, March 2, 2013

Fun Sewing Date

My buddy Wayne's daughter Emily is a knitter. She spotted this bag and suggested her dad make her one. And of course whatever Wayne does, I have to do, too. So Wayne and Emily came over, and we made Emily's bag and mine. While Wayne did most of Em's sewing, it was fun to teach Emily some basics and she was a great gopher! I'm so crazy about the red and black bag that I may have to learn how to knit! Both bags have some nice interior pockets, are 17" long, and 8" tall.

Earlier in the week the women at my nail salon, Nailz4U in LaGrange, welcomed a new baby into their family. This little guy has a quilt, but his mom wants something she can throw on the floor for the baby but can also be folded up easily. So this whole cloth quilt is 36" x 45" and batted with flannel - a perfect weight for what the mom wants. Above Timmy's little floor quilt is a zippered pouch for granddaughter Nikki. She's 16 this month. Grandpa John has tucked sixteen 10's into this little purse.


raebethriv said...

Wow! Who does your photo styling?!
A nice visit, hope I didn't distract you all too much!

Donna said...

Ok, Rachel - you were right. Putting my bag up on a prop really was brilliant. Glad you're so close - will have to have you do more photo stylings!