Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Getting lost in the Blogosphere

So many bloggers have made connections through their blogs.   One of my favorite bloggers is Carol from QuiltFever. She does clever things with her guild, on her own, and is my constant reminder about the value of charity projects - she spits them out with great regularity.

Carol sent me a link to this tutorial to Sew Create It on a divided basket after seeing the knitting basket I made with Wayne. This is fabulous - I have to make one.  But what really caught my eye was the reference and link to Noodlehead's blog.  Fellow Chicago Modern Quilt Guilder Emily Lang was the one to pointed me to Noodehead's tutorial for wide-mouthed ditty bags and then I got lost with some of her other things, like a pleated zippered clutch.  Emily's blog is Mommy's Nap Time - look at this Weekend Tote she made for Quilt Con!

At QuiltCon It was fun to witness some personal face-to-face meetings.  Emily had a chance to meet Anna Maria Horner whose blog Emily has followed for some time.  Emily also met and introduced me to Thomas Knauer of Thomas Knauer Sews. He approaches quilting from an art history background, which is something new to me.  My two favorite blogs are Jacquie Gering's Tallgrass Prairie Studio and Chawne Kimber's Completely Cauchy (I was wanting to meet her at QuiltCon but didn't). Both of these amazing women bring a definite political bent to their quilt works, and both have taken heat.  Thomas, Jacquie, and Chawne have made me think about my work and what I want to do.  They are artists who walk the tight rope of creativity and follow strong inner voices

Just now in writing this post I went to the above blogs to get their exact addresses to copy and paste.  Each time I had to force myself to come to this because each mentions several other links that I need to explore.

I love my Chicago Modern Quilt Guild and the friends I have made  - this group has influenced my work.  I love my friend Wayne and the way we can talk about and share our work/play/art.  And I love the riches of the quilting blogosphere.

No pictures.  Just thoughts...


emedoodle said...

Such great thoughts! I love thinking of the roads through blogs we take... one blog, follow a link to another, then another! :)

Jennifer Lowe said...

Well put, Donna!