Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ants in my Quilting Pants

I could be working on my "Winter" challlenge - it's due mid-July. I could be working on my sister's house baby quilt. I could be working on an actual commission - the quilt made from children's clothing. But none of those are what I want to do. I bought the Aeroplane bag pattern from Sara of Sew Sweetness.  She was one of the sponsors of the modern meed-up last Friday at the International Quilt Festival - so generous of her.  Look at the back of the body piece above - the top part of the bag is backed with Soft and Stable.  The bottom part - it will be boxed and take the most wear and tear - is backed with Peltex, a product that isn't in my repertoire.  So far, I like how this is going.

Speaking of the International Quilt Festival, a couple of things caught my eye:
This is the center of a log cabin block - maybe 4" square.  The fabric has been manipulated to give is this fabulous look and texture.  Love this.  And look at the use of color in this piece.  Quilters are so clever...

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