Sunday, June 30, 2013

Playing with a Winner

Here's a photo of Victoria Findlay Wolfe, a NY quilter who won Best In Show at QuiltCon in Austin, TX last February.  She's a modern quilter who is, like so many of us, deeply rooted in traditional quilting.  The Chicago Modern Quilt Guild, thanks in large part to our vice-president Sarah Shulman, snagged Victoria for a workshop on June 29. Victoria's quilt shows her approach to quilting through made fabric.  After a 90-minute trunk show and lots of inspiration about the process, she set us loose with our scraps and our machines.
After an hour or so, here's what I came up with. And I just do not care for this at all. Victoria suggested it might be my scraps, so I hit her table of scraps. And colorful scraps, whether mine or hers, were not the issue. So with V's permission and blessing, I began to play with my neutrals and reds.
Here are 13 unfinished blocks abutting each other of my design wall. Looks crowded, doesn't it?  But I like this and know it's worth playing around with.  Perhaps spreading out the blocks a bit more...  Look at the next picture.  I was thinking about a new bedroom quilt - this eventually might be it!

Here's a link to Victoria's lovely blog.


Mary P said...

Oh Donna, I love this! I think this will be fantastic, and it's much more YOU.

Cathy S said...

The quilt is great! What was the name and designer of the black and white fabric?

Emily said...

Totally cool! I love hearing how far a reach this technique was for some of our members. That means we're really growing! :) I love your blocks!

Emily said...

great progress! glad you had a good time at the workshop :)