Sunday, July 21, 2013


 Wintersection has been in process since June, and today it is due - along with the other calendar challenges - at the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild meeting. 
It is 36" wide, and the left side of it is 43" long.  The right side is 32". 

Eileen and Melissa were instrumental in how this piece developed and turned out, and I'm thankful for their input.  John gave me the name, which I think is just perfect. 

The inspiration for this piece came from a picture provided by Wayne from his copy of Joen Wolfram's Patchwork Persuasion, p 86.  Quilter Erika Odemer from Munich, Germany, created a piece entitled "January Quilt", the basis of which was rich colors and strong design lines.

January Quilt, 1993 - Erika Odemer, Munich  67" x 49"
In recent years I've been drawn to more blacks and neutrals and reds.  This piece is my third in this palette. I've experienced over 60 Chicago winters, and winter is definitely my favorite season.  I know the season gets long and cold and dark.  But within winter there is light and joy and warmth.

There is a sparkly overlay on the bottom light section, which was actually a gift wrapping.  Like any crow drawn to sparkly things, I asked John's sister Chris if I could have this wrapping on her June birthday gift.  I don't use "found" bits in my quilting, so this is quite a departure.  As is the shape of this piece.  My Chicago Modern Quilt Guild is the perfect place to take some quilting risks. 

Here's the back of the piece and its label.  This quilt, along with the others sumbitted today, will now be photographed and judged and  used for 16-month calendar for a CMQG fundraiser.  This calendar will be available for sale November 14, 15, and 16 at the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo in Tinley Park, IL.  And all submitted quilts with travel for a year with the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo shows. 

Just a word of warning:  this calendar is what all my friends are getting for Christmas! 




Jennifer Lowe said...

Donna, this is brilliant! And I am not depressed at all. I think this really captures winter. It is so different from Jen B's, but hers also captures winter nicely. I missed the meeting today, but what I've seen online thus far has been quite lovely. We shall make a good showing at the quilt festival.

Carol G said...

Love your quilt and you are right--the name is PERFECT!

Z Any Mouse said...

Just beautiful!