Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just One More AeroPlane Bag...

Here's my third Aeroplane Bag, and it's my favorite. The body fabric? there was just enough. In fact, you'll see a little black gusset on each side because I ran out. This is the smaller of the two pattern options offered.
The zippers have tabs, and I'm much happier with this finish.  Thanks, Jen BB, for this.  The pockets require a fat quarters, and I found these two crane pieces that I got from Ebony.  The bottom portion of this bag is a home dec fabric.  Let's see how this wears.  Most amazing of all, I found in my little box of odd accessories purse feet (I know - PURSE FEET and I had some on hand!).  So I'm trying out 6 of these.  Now, where is that Aeroplane Ticket?
Tabbed Zipper

Orange Crane pocket

Red Crane pocket

6 little purse feet


Emily said...

Nice work donna!!

Sally said...

This is great! I may try this pattern eventually.