Thursday, December 19, 2013

Quilting Peer Pressure

A normal sized tote with two side pockets

Study enough for several books
 I really am quite fond of this pattern (but good luck finding it. (I found it at the Jinny Beyer website but haven't been able to locate it there since - stay tuned for an update).    The directions call for using a lightweight fusible interfacing.  So of course I use what I can get at Joann's with a coupon.

Meanwhile, I've been making some of Sara Lawson's bags, and she's fond of ShapeFlex.  So I bought some of that.  It's three times the price of the generic lightweight fusible interfacing.  But I like it.  And when you're spending 6 hours on a project, it deserves the right fabrics. 

So I began this WOW bag with ShapeFlex, and this bag is almost too stiff.  I'm going back to the cheap stuff for this application.

My point?  I must learn to follow my instincts and make decisions based on the project and not necessarily what products others are using. 
Zipper and side strap are the first hint that this isn't your ordinary tote

Side pockets and handles sort of melt into the background when the bag is a duffel

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