Friday, December 20, 2013

Special Fairies in My Life

John is the Christmas Fairy.  He's decorated the house, sent out cards, and blinged my Quilted Christmas Tree. All I had to do was some present shopping for him and continue sewing.  Now we can focus on our celebrations with family and friends. 

I have a whole day to myself and have one more present in mind to make - for one of tonight's dinner guests.  But before tackling this, look at what my Monday Sewing Fairy and her son Jack made!  Love this holiday hot pad and that Jack did some of the quilting.

Holly is my Chicago Modern Quilt Guild Fairy.  I love her.  Not just because she made me a totally beautiful hot cup collar for my birthday and not just because she made me a fabulous mug rug. As I'm still discovering my styles and colors,Holly  has nailed my preferences with her fabrics and design.  AND - this is almost the best part - look at the two fat quarters she enclosed with her little holiday gift.  I have some amazing people in my life.
From Jack and Eileen
From Holly

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