Friday, December 27, 2013

Seriously, I'm putting the zippers away

 We have another family dinner today with our son, his wife and their three sons.  Jeannine has been doing a 35-session round of  radiation for breast cancer and is one-third of the way through.  What is my offering to her?  A RunAround bag of course.  She gets her choice of these three (middle fabric came from Scotland!).  I am excited to put away my zippers temporarily and begin work on big things.  I have a box of Marcia Derse fabrics, and I think I know the direction I want to go in with these fabrics.  The goal is a new bed quilt for us.  And youngest grandson Ben (mentioned above) has not had his quilt.  Ben's a basketball fan and wants a Bulls quilt with perhaps a bit of the Hawks in it.  Notice the Kona card so I can find just that perfect shade of red.  Sure hope it isn't the Kona named "Lipstick."  Somehow that would just be wrong for Ben's sports-themed quilt...
These will go back into their box.

And these are coming out to play!

The beginning of Ben's Bulls quilt

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