Saturday, March 22, 2014

Creativity vs Organization

WOW duffel/tote and a lopsided ditty bag
My little creative outburst is over for a little while.  No deadlines are looming, and there is just the usual number of UFO's in the studio. The retreat projects are complete. So now it's time to put away all the piles of fabrics and figure out - again - what to do with the scraps. If you're wondering why the ditty bag looks lopsided, it's because I didn't follow the directions - again.  Perhaps that might be my epitaph:  Could she have followed directions?  

Piles of Marcia Derse fabrics and my dad's finances

Piles of fabrics and bags and quilts

Every corner has piles of fabrics.  Here are some of the greys and reds...

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Sarah said...

That's an impressive amount of piles, but I don't see any finances in there?! I actually put away the massive amount of fabric I pulled to make that small City Links quilt, but I still have some bags of fabric out that got a ride to the retreat.