Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fabric Crush, Part 3

I am still for sure crushing on the remainder of this Marcia Derse fabric.  Apparently a zippered bag, an Aragon Bag, and a bed quilt aren't enough.  Here's a newly-finished little RunAround and the parts for a three-zippered compartment sewing ditty bag. 

I actually have made progress on this quilt, also of Marcia Derse fabrics.  The top half is together - the bottom half will be shortly.  I did have a leave a space just as little walk-through.

 A detour in the adventures this week involved some Jinny Beyer border prints.  A few years ago my sister and I gave our sister-in-law Kim, the one who cares for our parents, two kits for placemats and table runner.  I know Kim likes these fabrics.  But the timing just hasn't been right for her to work on these projects (note:  Kim is a master quilter who excels at piecing and FMQ).  Last week I volunteered to take these kits home and work on them. 
The fussy cutting became annoying - just because it's not the kind of work I like to do.  But I did have some thermal batting left over.  Now Kim has a purple table runner which is also a hot pad, six teal placemats batted with Warm and Natural, and two hot pads also of the teal fabrics.  What I gave back to Kim is finished and usable but needs quilting.  Right up her alley!
These projects involve mirror images.  

While all Jinny Beyer products I've purchased have been generous with fabrics, the teal kit wasn't.  I wound up piecing the back of one of the placemats. 

March.  With new snow on the ground, it's hard to believe winter's almost over.  But it is.  Finally. 

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