Saturday, November 22, 2014

Meeting Two Personal Heroes

Wow, that sounds dramatic, doesn't it?  But Camp Stitchalot did allow me to work with and watch two  important quit bloggers who have greatly influenced my attitude towards quilting.

Rossie Hutchinson's Double Plus Good
When I started quilt blogging in 2007, I thought at the time that I was doing something unique and unusual.  And then I began to be aware of quilt bloggers and how many there are!    I'm not sure what led me to Rossie Hutchinson's blog - she began hers in 2010.  I saw her  Double Plus Good, and I was hooked on Rossie's approach.  It was she who started the whole Process Pledge movement.  And I had spent the past few years knowing that the inception and execution of a project is just as important as the finished piece.  Having Rossie - and so many others - validate what I discovered to be true for me has been liberating.  One of the things I love about my guildsters is that I have friends who care about the process:  they want to talk about their process and listen to mine.  Rossie has a PhD in Communications and has been on the faculty of University of Michigan.   She is also one of the organizers of Camp Stitchalot, along with Brenda from Pink Castle Fabrics.  Throughout the weekend, Rossie was a fellow camper, taking the same delight in both teachers and classes as the rest of us and working as madly on her projects as we were.

Rossie was the July speaker at my Chicago Modern Quilt Guild Meeting.  I was afraid I would miss her lecture/trunk show - it was the same weekend as my father's funeral.  Sunday afternoon was clear, and I went to the guild meeting.  As delighted as I was to meet and hear Rossie, I was emotionally fractured and couldn't make it through the whole meeting.  So Camp Stitchalot was a nice Rossie Hutchinson bonus. 

tireless: up close
This one word sums up Chawne's approach to quilting and needlework
 The other hero/camper is Chawne Kimber, a math professor from a small college in eastern Pennsylvania and fiber artist/quilter who blogs at Completely Cauchy. Chawne was on my radar in later 2011/early 2012 before QuiltCon. She's a political quilter - her quilts make statements. Sometimes she tackles broad topics about race and language and gender. And sometimes her work is highly personal. She works both large and small.  Her art evokes reaction - that is the goal of art, isn't it? I wanted to meet her at QuiltCon, but she had a death in her family and didn't go. Except she did wind up making it to Austin for a bit. And when I learned that and that I had missed her, I was sad. 

Fast-forward to dinner Friday night at Camp Stitchalot.  It was the only ice-breaker meal where we were assigned seats. And looky looky looky who is across from me.  Miss Chawne! Chawne and I have a friend in common, the lovely Mirielle/Mimi, whose comment on Instagram tipped me off that Chawne would be at Stitchalot.  So meeting her, working along side her, and seeing her in action (omg she is working on such a tiny piece right now) was a highlight of the weekend.  Chawne, Mimi, and I have a date at QuiltCon in Austin next February.  Chawne's devotion to what we do speaks volumes to me. 

Throughout the weekend I slowly met more and more of the campers and could talk glowingly about so many of them.  How rich it was to meet so many lovely women, especially Rossie and Chawne. 


Rossie said...

Aw, thanks Donna! You are a true joy to spend time with and I hope to quilt with you again soon! :-)

cauchy09 said...

Hey hey hey, sweetie pie!! It was an honor and a pleasure to meet you in real life finally. And I can't wait to see you at QuiltCon. I'll spring for pancakes all around. xoxo