Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Today in the Studio

 I finished two more of these purses for Sew Powerful.  And now that I get how the pattern works, I am getting fonder of it and the variations that can be achieved with different fabrics.  What is so clever about this purse are the three pockets - one on the front flap of the purse, another pocket under the flap (see the pen sticking out?) and then the actual purse interior.  While I have already identified fabrics for the next set of purses, I need to put these away for a few days.
 I had a ton of red/black/grey leftovers from the project on the design wall and decided to use them to test a product that is new to me - iron-on vinyl.  It is just on the bottom of the bag, the part that's on the floor.  I made one bag for Chandra's daughter using this product, but I need to know how it wears. 

I have plans to enter my elliptical drunkard's path into QuiltCon2016 and the 2016 International Quilt Festival, but the only picture I have of it is not a great one. So I need to carefully take down what's on the design wall in order to hang this quilt and work on a good photograph.  I know this doesn't sound like much.  But it will take a good hour to do this.
This quilt needs binding.  I picked it up from T and F Quilting Studio Monday.  The bride - my White cousin's daughter - was married in October, and I am eager to get this in the mail before too much longer. 

And then?  I want to put together the quilt that's been carefully and systematically removed from the design wall, start a couple more bags, work on a couple of big quilts - wait, you already know this part of the story.  Sorry...

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Jennifer Lowe said...

That is so exciting that you are entering a quilt into Quiltcon! Your elongated drunkard's path is a beautiful quilt.