Monday, November 2, 2015

Today's Observations About Totes, Duffels, Kits

I bought a kit to make this Cargo Duffle, designed by Noodlehead.  The kit came with some Robert Kaufman canvas.  In fact, it came with too much.  The black and white diamond fabric was the suggested lining.  However, I am going to make a second bag out of this.  This fabric is too pretty to use as a living.  And I'm not sure I'll follow the Noodlehead pattern again.  I like the Satchel shown here on the cover of Stitch - the one I made is in the background.  It's a bit larger and has some features, like hidden outer pockets,  that I like.  I tried to use the suggested snaps for the feature pockets, and that didn't go so well.  I wound up using magnets and hiding them with an additional tab.  The next bag will also have black fabric and not feature fabric for the bottom gusset.  This bag finishes nicely except...all seam allowances are visible on the interior and need to be covered with bias tape.  The suggested handle - at the bottom of this picture - just didn't feel right to me, so I went rogue and used the kind of handle I know works with a bag like this.  What started this particular bag is fellow guildster Debbie Pine.  She did a Sew Sweetness Tudor Bag using this fabric.  Luckily, Debbie is comfortable with my shameless copying of her fabric choices!   So, just to recap:  the next bag will be a bit bigger, have a dark bottom, pockets on the outside but not with snaps or flaps, pockets on the inside, and handles like I like to make.

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