Thursday, November 19, 2015

Two Items Leaving the Studio

My super-duper extra-special sister will be 63 soon, and I am giving her her choice of bags.  She has agreed to test this one out and see how the vinyl on the bottom works - she thinks the vinyl is a good idea!  And the wedding quilt for my cousin Kathy's daughter Amber is finished.  It's double sided (see below), and I'm hoping at least one of the sides will be something Amber and Derek like.  It's always difficult creating for someone you don't know well.  On the label I included my Grandma Eloise White, my Aunt Jean White, and my mom Joanne White.  These three were the ones who taught me and encouraged me to sew.  I also felt the presence of my Uncle Leonard, Amber's grandfather and my dad's younger brother who died in 2003.  And really, it's all about generations of family. 
One side, with Marcia Derse fabrics.  Special thanks to T and F Quilting for their basket weave quilting. 

The reverse side, with several shades of grey and black batiks

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Jennifer Lowe said...

Donna! You have been so productive lately! So much blogging and so many projects finished! It is so inspiring! (On a side note, my husband claims that each of us gets a lifetime allotment of 3 exclamation marks. I am already over on this post alone. I just get excited about things.) I am so happy to see you feeling better and doing the things you love.