Thursday, July 28, 2016

But who's counting?

These 12 purses for Sew Powerful have been finished for over a week, and now I'm cutting/making kits for more.   It's a slow process because each of the 11 pattern pieces needs to be interfaced.  So to make this process a bit saner, I have established a little cutting station just for interfacing.  I'm cutting out as many as I can - hopefully another 12 - in preparation for an upcoming sewing weekend.  But who's counting?

Favorite client Roberta (the grandmother who likes to create quilt kits for each of her grandchildren but doesn't like to sew) brought over a kit for her last grandchild. Normally she brings enough fabric. While she had enough for the front, we really scrambled to create an appropriate backing out of  my white-on-white scraps, and the back of this quilt is pretty cute.  I love my work tables and their under-table storage, which make doing two baby quilts in one week easy.  But who's counting?
Quilt all ready for pin-basting

Today is the birthday of our first grandchild - Ryan Patrick Sheehan is 21 today.  I skipped parenting and went directly into grandparenting, thanks to John's kids. I have been totally taken aback by how much joy  being a grandparent has brought me.  Even better has been the geogrphical closeness we have shared with Ryan and his little brother Brandon.  The boys thought we were here for their climbing, lounging, and listening pleasure.  What precious days.  Can't believe Ry is 21.  But who's counting?

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