Saturday, July 16, 2016

Pink: Not One of My Favorites

 There is a team from Sew Powerful in Zambia right now distributing purses, working with local seamstresses, and doing some farming.   One of the team commented that the girls really like pinks and purples and whimsical fabrics.  And while I think each purse I've made is charming, I am taking this observation to heart.  I found my pinks and what a perfect way to use them.  There is enough for two more purses.  And then?  Check out these fabrics below.  Whimsical and fun enough?  So far this month I have made 11 - that's what I sent off last January.  But now I am hoping to double this amount before the October deadline. 

Such crying needs in the world.  I am spending the rest of today on the Chicago MQG current charity, Sarah's Inn in Oak Park in preparation for tomorrow's meeting.  Individually efforts may seem small.  But I know they do add up. 

So, back to the pinks - and other things...

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