Monday, July 11, 2016

Current Addiction

These three purses for Sew Powerful are ready to join the other completed ones.    A team from the Sew Powerful organization is currently in Lusaka, Zambia right now, an area of the country with the highest concentration of people affected by HIV/AIDS.  Out of a country of 14 million, there are 1 million children orphaned by AIDS, TB, and malaria.  That these purses are part of the clinic and sewing cooperative is good.  So is any money sent to this organization.  Last year I sent off 11 purses and bristled when the organizers asked for $5 a purse to help with the shipping.  But slowly I am understanding the overwhelming need Sew Powerful is trying to fill.  The next deadline for shipping purses is October 1.  So this addiction?  It's a good one.

Which to cut into next?

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