Friday, October 14, 2016

I wish you could touch this quilt

This quilt is my  favorite quilt pattern - Trip Around The World, the pattern that Eleanor Burns published in a Woman's Day magazine in 1986.  Last year I found homes for old quilts, but in doing do, I depleted my quilt stock.  So it's time to rebuild.   This quilt started with two fabrics from Janet Clare's Wordsmith line.  The inner border is just a leftover bit of a old fabric, and one of the borders uses the rest of one of the fabrics - the topographical one.  I did my own quilting and love how it reinforces the design.
And what a great pattern!  Despite this pattern being traditional, I do label this quilt "modern" because it represents an economy of time and an economy of fabric and yet still yields a great design punch.  And best of all?  This quilt is usable and so soft.  The second fabric in the binding is Maker by AGF.  I'm totally impressed with how I managed to get the words like "Create" and I Make Stuff" and "Handmade" to line up so nicely - just a happy coincidence.  I started this quilt last Saturday, and I finished it yesterday.  Very satisfying.  Very very satisfying.

The backing is from Zen Chic with an added strip of a favorite AGF leftover. 

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