Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Opposite of Quilter's Block

We just had a week on the road visiting the Hoover, Truman, and Eisenhower Presidential Libraries/Museum.  Two bonuses of this trip?  A stop in Kansas City at the World War I Museum, and a visit with former Chicago guildster Mary who moved to Hayes, Kansas - she drove 2 hours to Abeline KS to meet us for lunch!

When I'm away from the studio, I am constantly making lists of fabrics, quilts, and things I want to do.  By the time we got home, this list was pretty long.   So my first day in the studio, completely devoted to what I want to do, I'm paralyzed and can't decide which of these projects to start on.  Instead of dithering on what to do, I immediately went to my favorite fabric (AGF Bonnie Christine's Hello Bear) and my favorite purse pattern - Sara Lawson's "Hey Mercedes"  from her Windy City Bags book.  I love the size of this purse and made it before using Yoshiko Jinzenji fabrics.  And of course this fabric matches the Sloan Travel Bag (also a Sara Larson pattern) I use.  
The other side has a wonderfully deep pocket.
The side gusset becomes an interesting design detail when done in a contrasting fabric.

But now?  Back to quilts.  Two key fabrics in the above pile are from  Janet Clare's Wordsmith line.  I'm thinking a Trip Around the World, the first quilt pattern I learned and still a favorite.
 These fabrics are by Heather Givens from her Paper Obsessed line.  I'm thinking blocks that are 8.5"x  11" to continue her riff on paper goods. 
 This growing pile of blacks and white and greys are going to perfect for a log cabin, another one of my favorite designs for quilts.
The Marcia Derse fabrics will become the above quilt.  I already have my cheat sheet for the cutting measurements.  I've made this quilt before - grandson Ryan has it at Ball State.  But I need to make another.

And what about these Marcia Derse fabrics?  They are the only ones that don't play nicely with all the others.  A nice napping quilt perhaps?  I have already made a winter quilt for our bed, a table runner,  and an Aragon bag.  But I'm just not quite finished with these fabrics...

And here's the one project with a December deadline.  All the strips are sewn and need to have the background added.  I have the fabrics and even know what measurements I need to use.  

It's just a matter of getting started!  No more purses...for a while...   Just quilts. 

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