Saturday, March 25, 2017

Revisiting An Old Rivalry Through Quilting

It's T-Shirt Quilt season.  Two years ago I made a high school graduation quilt for Janice's high school senior daughter.  This year I am doing a quilt for her younger daughter's high school graduation from Lyons Township and also a quilt for her son who is graduating from Iowa State U.  These are both good kids who went to St. Francis for elementary school.Although I don't study t-shirts that closely, I do honor what the parent wants and try to make something that is balanced and interesting to look at.  And one shirt jumped out -  Huck Finsdale. And it made me laugh.

It took my back to my high school days at LT and the rivalry between my school and Hinsdale Central.  (I know these rivalries are common between schools that share a georgraphy).  In August of 2015 I spent 13 days in the hospital - 4 of them at LaGrange and the remainder at Hinsdale.  And again, I kept hearing about the difference between the two hospitals.  Those at Hinsdale would never work at LaGrange and vice versa.  Some things never change, eh?  (and I must note that my sister-in-law Chris taught at Hinsdale Central for her whole teaching career). 

Once I get these t-shirt quilts together, I want to do a couple of zippered pouches out of some scraps....

And I want to stroke and pet these Art Gallery Fabrics that I found for $7 a yard, which is a terrific price...

And I need to make a wall hanging for an auction that raises money and support for - well, I'll have to get back to you on the details.  My buddy Carol raises money every year for a Morgan Park Youth program.

This quilt went in the mail to my sister-in-law in Indiana who is having major surgery soon.  Perhaps it might provide as bit of comfort as she recuperates. To keep it light and airy, I batted it with a poly batting and kept the quilting simple.  It is wonderfully soft and light.

It's a rainy day.  Perfect for sewing and listening to NPR.


Anonymous said...

Love it all! Miss you. SUzanne

Janice said...

My two graduates were absolutely thrilled with their beautiful quilts from Donna, one of Iowa State and one from Lyons Township. They have all their favorite t-shirts and they will be keepsakes forever.
Thank you for the amazing quilts. We love them!