Monday, June 15, 2020

Celebrating - Social Distancing Style

It's been difficult to shelter in place.  Not seeing family and friends has been hard.  For the first two months we exchanged food with 2 of the grandsons at the base of the driveway.  Then last month the 4 of us decided that the risks were minimal and we actually have had dinners at the dining room table.  Son Mark has been in the house a couple of times.  And like so many families, we are having discussions about whether to get together and how to get together.  This month marked three milestones - Sam Mo graduated from Northern Michigan State, Ben Mo graduated from high school, and Brandon turned 21.  Daughter Julie came in from Atlanta to celebrate with her son.  And we had to have some sort of party, right?

I made masks for everyone, which we didn't wear.  Everyone brought their own drinks.  Appetizers were individual snack bags of various crunchies.  A Mediterranean feast was laid out buffet style, but Mark was the only one serving.  Cupcakes for dessert.  Seems safe, no?  But then the time for pictures came.  No masks, standing close to one another, some of us touching - ***eye roll***

Is this all part of the process of opening up?  Did we take a risk by getting together? be determined

Two sad notes:  Ben, the hs grad, just started a new job and couldn't come to his own party on top of not having a graduation ceremony or a prom.  And the girls were in an accident (absolutely not their fault) on their way home.  Both are ok (phew), but the car is totaled.

The next day I had coffee in person with quilties Eileen and Melissa.  Between seeing people and almost have full use of my rehabbed wrist, normalcy seems closer.  BUT we all know this is not a time to let down our Covid-19 guard.  Be careful out there!

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