Saturday, June 6, 2020


In no particular order, I am very thankful for 

1.  my design wall
2.  John
3.  my sewing machine with the knee lift and automatic scissors
4.  my Vietnamese friends and their cooking know-how
5. drugs 
6. Quilty friends and Zooming
7.  John
8.  my sister Paula
9.  new Quilty friends
10.  Cristina and her sourdough bread sharing
11.  my hand surgeon Dr. Urbanowski and my occupational therapist Eileen
12.  being able to open jars and baggies again
13. my fabric stash and various supplies
14.  being excited about quilting after tamping that down during February and March
15.  an aura - albeit light - of political optimism about the possibility of political change this fall
16.  babies
17. my special WW buddy Cecilia
18.  my generous friend Sarah S
19. my grandchildren
20.  John
21.  being able to hand quilt again.  So soothing.
 22.  My friend Dorothy and what she passed along to me on FB

This might morph into a quilt...
23.  A summer day like today with the studio windows open, the gentle hum of cicadas in the background (this is just a renegade brood, not the real thing which comes in 2024).
24.  John
25.  Emerging from the Land of Broken Wrist into functionality.  

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