Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Quest for the Perfect Mask

 We're now three months into Covid-19 and all that comes along with it.  Mask-making and mask-wearing is now just as important as it was in late March,  There are a zillion free masks patterns available.  But which one to use?  It's kind of like trying to find the hottest/steamiest iron or the quietest, best-stitching sewing machine.  I have a favorite iron (Oliso), a favorite sewing machine (my Brother 1500 straight stitch), and I now have a favorite mask pattern.  Ami Simms and Valli Schiller, both women I know, created a pattern with darts for the nose and chin as well as some pleats.
This mask pattern allows for a variety of way to fasten.  I'm out of elastic right now, so I am using home-made fabric straps.  This kind of mask goes over the head and then is tied behind the head.  It can easily be removed and yet still be attached.  There is also a huge discussion about filer vs non filter.  And here's what I am comfortable with:  using a batik which is very tightly woven for the outside and a soft cotton for the inside.

Two of the grandsons have graduated - one from hs and one from college.  Another grandson just turned 21.  We are having a socially-distancing get together.  14 people.  The party favor?  Yes!  A mask!

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Looks like a bunch of bikini tops?