Monday, December 8, 2008

For Jim Pretkelis

I was lucky to get to know some very special people at Kennedy High School. My last few years were the first years of music teacher Jim Pretkelis. What a terrific guy he is. His passion for music and respect and genuine fondness for students are a winning combination. Whatever I asked him to do, he did - usually something connected with media or sound. I have been mentally working on this quilt for so long that it will have to be shared by TWO children - Jim and his wife just had their second baby. That's why it's pretty big. 60" x 66"

There are only 2 blocks in this quilt. Jim told me his first daughter loved reds and yellows and is a vibrant little girl. Hope this quilt holds up to her personality. This quilt is a tangible reminder of her father's gracious dependability and how much I value him.

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