Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Presents, 2008

Long time good buddy Midge suggested we go to the Fiber Arts show at the Botanic Gardens in Glencoe. At that show I met a fellow quilter and have really enjoyed getting to know Wayne. Too many coincidences - he too is left handed, has a Husqvarna, does the same kind of quilting I do, and is passionate about travel. We've been feeding each other ideas for the past month, and one of his has lit a fire under me.

Wayne sent me a Mors Bag that he made , and I tried my first one a couple of days ago. Then I decided I would make these for Christmas presents. So far I've made eight, and I want to make a total of 22. I'm finding some wonderful fabrics in my stash - click on the picture to see some of the detail. In keeping with the spirit behind "sociable guerilla bagging," I'm using up little bits of thread left on spools and finally finding a fabulous use for the tons of leftover muslin I have from quilts. hese bags are 11" by 17".

About 10 years ago John began using canvas bags for grocery shopping. He's excellent at remembering to take them with him when he shops. My goal is to keep a bag with me when I am a fabric store or Walgreen's or a book store. A visual reinforcement for not using plastic bags happened to us in southern Argentina. It's pretty much a vast scrub land. There are zillions of little scrubby bushes, which from a distance seem to sparkle. Until we got closer and realized that the "sparkles" were plastic bags caught in the bushes. John referred to this area as a huge plastic bag farm. Shortly after that trip I heard on NPR that the same sort of thing is happening in South Africa. There are also whirlpools in remote parts of the oceans where plastic bottles and bags are endlessly swirling. Our resources are finite. Reduce. Reduce. Recycle.

For Christmas this year my sister Paula suggested we make one another presents. My sister-in-law Pam has been doing this for years (can't wait for her "cracker candy"). I've enjoyed making my first 8 Mors bags and am eager to do some more. I'm trying to make some that the men in the family won't be embarrassed to carry. However, as with quilts, I want to keep each one that I'm making. I'll have to adjust that attitude in that next 10 days!
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v said...

I like that one on the right.

Anonymous said...


The MORS bags are awesome! Vera Bradley better watch her back. You a phenomenal woman! So glad to know you.

Donna H.