Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Gift for a Quilter

Christmas Eve 2008 - John and the Seven Grandchildren. Top Row, l to r - Nikki, Brandon, Grandpa John, Jack, Sam. Front Row - Ben, Ryan, Natalie. Julie and Ed hosted us all. Aunt Chris, Uncle Jerry, and Molly joined us as well. The food was terrific, the kids well-behaved, and adult deportment was impeccable. One of the highlights of the evening was Uncle Mark's DVD "10 Years of Mo Christmases" which began with a picture of Grandma Sophie Moscinski - not a dry eye in the house. Entertainment was courtesy of Ryan, who played John Lennon's "So This Is Christmas". Julie, Molly, and Nikki sang along. Lovely evening. (No, I didn't give the children MORS bags for Christmas - thought I'd save that for Christmas 2009!)

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